Silica Fume in Refractory

Silica fume is used in refractory.

Silica fume in refractory enhancing the fluid of pouring refractory, reducing the volume of used water, beeasy to shape, and raising the production efficiency. Because of its untramicrostructure for gap filling, the compact and intensity of refractory gain rising by a wade margin. Silica fume in refractory is a highly effective pozzolanic material, so it's easy to come into being Mullite Phase, under the premise that Al2O3 exists, enhance elevated temperature strength and thermal shock of refractory.

Function of adding Silica Fume(microsilica) :

• Silica fume in refractory is used in unshaped refractories

• Silica Fume in refractory is used ingunned refractory materials to improves adhesion in castables and minimizes rebound loss

• Silica fume in refractory is used in shape refractories

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